septembre 2000


Dear Sir,  Can anyone tell me the procedures,   what papers are necessary,  whom one should inform, etc,   in the
event of death ? - Particularly as I and my husband are C of E. Can you be cremated in France ?  Can your ashes
be scattered on your own land ? Yours faithfully, Pearl Soper, 50800 Champrepus.                                             

Yes,  you  can  be cremated  in France and the ashes are then given to the family to do as they wish with.
You  nearest Anglican chaplain will have valuable advice and the British consulate can also help with the
formality side (Le Havre, tel: 02 35 42 42 15 or Nantes, tel: 02 40 63 16 02). The funeral trade in France
is  represented  by AFIF  (Association française d'information funéraire, 9 rue Chomel, 75007 Paris) and
on minitel 3615AFIF - they give rates and other details. We phoned them on 01 44 45 90 03 (they answer
round the clock) and a very pleasant gentleman was able to deal with our questions in English.                 
Information can of corse also be obtained from your Mairie. C.B.                                                                  


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