Dispersal of the ashes


To respect the wishes of the deceased or his/her close relatives, the Association Française d'Information Funéraire offers the option of dispersing the ashes.

This ceremony is performed with deference and allows the family to avoid travelling

In the Atlantic

In the Mediterranean


Dispersal of the ashes in the Atlantic


Pertuis d'Antioches

île de Ré - La Rochelle - île d'Oléron


Dispersal near the "des Baleines" lighthouse

Pearl of Charente Maritime, this marine site is protected



Dispersal of the ashes in the Mediterranean


 Iles de Port-Cros and Porquerolles


Natural regional park on the Mediterranean.
Dispersal is performed in the area between 
Bagaud, Cap des Médes and Hyères



These services are carried out on merchant marine registered vessels. They are performed under the supervision and with the guarantee of the Association.

Unit cost for dispersal in the Mediterranean or the Atlantic : 380 Euros

If sending from a country other than France : 430 Euros

Upon the conclusion of the ceremony, a certificate is forwarded to the sender of the urn.

All items are sent by registered mail.

For supplementary information or to place an order, please contact :
Association Française d'Information Funéraire
66 rue Philippe Vincent esc.2
Phone : 00 33 5 46 43 44 12

Prices include taxes and may change without notice.


Association Française d'Information Funéraire